November 16, 2019
It’s incredibly common to consider, or assume, that artistic endeavors are a hobby -- that they are not the primary source of income for any individual. And in some cases, that’s certainly true. But many people around the world work tirelessly to create a living wage from their artistic creations. Across history, that’s been a difficult task for many. Despite this lack of monetary funding, arts appreciators and benefactors like Baryn Futa -- a notable supporter within the field -- aid as best they can to cultivate an income for artists. Acknowledging the important role that the high arts play across every society in the world, Futa and others like him provide the necessary financial support to the arts and those critical folks who create these masterpieces. Brilliant artists cannot always focus on their work due to a lack of a living wage, and Baryn Futa’s determined to improve this financial shortcoming and help art continue to thrive.